Tips for living in a small space

The suites at Regency may not be considered tiny by downtown Vancouver standards, but if you remember a time when a closet was about the size of your current living room, then we can all agree that living downtown means sacrificing a bit of square footage. Thankfully, trendy Vancouverites know that small spaces don’t mean forgoing style; in fact the challenge of decorating a bitty place has become all the rage.

With this in mind I scoured the web for some tips to make living in a small rental a cinch and stylish to boot!

Double duty

Look for furniture that does more than one thing: a footstool with hidden storage space inside, a bookcase that doubles as a room divider, a dresser that is also your bedside table, or a coffee table lined with shelves.

Green it up

Living inVancouver, we are no strangers to recycling so why not extend this good habit to your possessions too? Go through your things once or twice a year and keep only what you use and love. Sell what you no longer need on craigslist or donate it to free up oodles of space (who knew how much space those old Instyle magazines were taking up?).

Conversion – not for the faint of heart

One of the tips I found online suggested turning a closet into a den if you “don’t have that many clothes”. I’m not sure if closets are much bigger across the border or if my collection of clothes that has taken over the bedroom, hall, and spare room closets (my partner gets to share the linen closet with our towels and bed sheets), is considered unhealthy but this is one tip I don’t know what to do with. Proceed with caution.

Sky High

Use the space above eye level! Have shelves go all the way up, use the space above your kitchen cupboards, reevaluate every cranny in your suite, here is an ingenious idea to get you started.

Neat freak

Use all those new high shelves and newly discovered nooks to find a home for everything. If it has a designated home, it will get put away! While you are at it, get artsy: store bracelets on bottles, use a spice rack for nail polish bottles and Tetris style storage devices everywhere!

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