New Security Camera’s

We recently installed new security cameras at the front entrance and in the bike room. We take safety very seriously and feel this is a useful addition to our existing security systems that have been set up for everyone’s safety and security.

 Have a look around and you will notice cameras:

  • By the front entrance intercom – The front entrance of the building is now under 24 hour video monitored surveillance.
  • The bicycle room – also under 24 hour video monitored surveillance so we can keep an eye on your bikes when you are not around.

 Once the elevator modernization is completed, you will notice security cameras in the new elevators

 Knowing this we hope you feel peace of mind and remember that we always have your best interest at heart.

Get to know your neighbours! If you communicate often and establish trust your neighbours will watch out for your apartment when you are away and can report suspicious activity to management.