How to decorate your rental


Unless you are only planning on staying in your suite for a few months, don’t put off decorating just because you rent.

It’s always been hard for me to sit still, so whenever I moved I would never put any pictures up or do anything to make my rental home-y. I always had grand ideas of moving somewhere even better or of finally buying but one year I finally convinced myself to paint a wall. Then two. And then the hallway. The colours livened the place up and made the generic rental feel like my own little sanctuary. Just with a few splashes of colour! I ended up living there for 4 years (could it have been because of the paint?) and when I moved out I simply got the colour code from my Landlord and painted the walls back. I had kept all the ‘equipment’ (pan, rollers, drop sheet, etc) from when I changed the colour originally so all it cost me was a can of paint.

Now that I witnessed first hand how easy it was to make my last place feel like home I am on a rampage to make my new rental suite all mine…on a budget of course. Decorating costs can really add up, so I went to the web to get some pointers. Here is what I learned:

 1) Patience

It takes time and effort to find the right piece at the right price. It could take months or (gasp!) years before your rental starts to look the way you want it to but what’s the rush? Better to have a few things you love than a whole house full of decorations that remind you of your cat-crazy great aunt.

 2) Budget

Create a realistic budget that you will stick to but don’t be afraid to spend a bit more on beds, sofa’s and linens. Craigslist, craft shows and garage sales are a great place to find interesting and eclectic pieces that are one of a kind and that won’t break the bank. Don’t forget to ask family if there is anything they don’t want anymore. One persons trash…

 3) Evolve

Thought you were all about shabby chic but are more drawn to modern lines now that you are taking the time to think about your style? Go with the flow! Part of the fun of decorating is watching your style grow and change. You can always just sell that piece that no longer works on craigslist or kijiji.

 4) Paint

All those beautiful colours to choose from and any one of them could be on your living room wall in a matter of hours. A reasonable price with dramatic results and a huge sense of accomplishment! As Maggie Rose said: “Life is too short to live in an ugly apartment!”