A Happy Tenant

We were so happy to receive this e-mail from a Regency Tenant on Wednesday that we just had to share:

I’m currently a tenant at Regency Park in downtown Vancouver, and would like to take this opportunity to take a few minutes of your time to pass along my thoughts on our Resident Managers – Chris and Jackie Latval.

Although I’m fast approaching my one year anniversary as a resident here, I had also lived at Regency Park a few years ago. Along with the fabulous location and amenities, Chris and Jackie were the primary reason why I chose to move back. Why? They’re hard-working, easy to talk to, accessible and very professional. Our property is always in a good state of repair; whether it’s an issue that arises (eg. flooding in laundry room) or a project/event (eg. elevator upgrades, pool opening/closing, Christmas meet and greet in the lobby) coming up, we’re always given as much notice as possible with respect to how this may impact us as a tenant.

 As my schedule can be very busy, my chosen method of communication is typically via email. Occasionally, I’ve dropped by the office downstairs. Either way, anytime I’ve had a question or two to pose their way, Chris and Jackie have been very diligent and responding to my queries in a timely and effective manner.

Another very important thing for me when considering where to live is I want my home to feel safe. Thanks to the cleanliness of our building, good lighting, added security cameras plus our weekend security guard, I have no concerns whatsoever with this respect.

Most reasonable people have an expectation that complaints are treated seriously and every effort is made to work towards a timely resolution. While this is obviously a massive compliment to Chris and Jackie, I hope you’ll take my feedback on board with the same level of care and attention and give them a massive pat on the back that they so very much deserve! I sincerely appreciate their continuous hard work, professionalism and effort in keeping our home looking clean and feeling safe.

Best Regards,